PadresTrade Rumors: Chase Headley


The news seems to spike, then die down.  One day the Padres are talking to a team about a possible trade.  The next, there’s no deal.  One day, a rumor hits, the next, it’s quashed.  I thought it’d be helpful to summarize some of the top trade rumors related to the Padres.  We’ll start with Chase Headley as he seems to be the hottest topic around San Diego and the team’s hottest trade chip.

All news is courtesy of MLB Trade Rumors, a site that breaks news of this sort better than anyone else.  So let’s get started:

October 5, 2011: A rumor broke that the Rockies may be interested in Headley.  This came in the wake of the team’s lack of confidence in Ian Stewart.  Their first priority was to go after David Wright, but Chase Headley was on their radar.  As we know now, Stewart is no longer a Rocky, and Chase Headley is still very much a Padre.  Any deal involving the Rockies and Chase Headley is likely dead.  They have a nice prospect in Nolan Arenado, they signed Brandon Wood, and they just signed Michael Cuddyer who can play third as well as first and right.

November 12, 2011: Ken Rosenthal and John Paul Morosi of Fox Sports both reported the Padres would be reluctant to move Headley.  While there was very little market for third basemen this offseason, and Headley value was pretty high due to this, the Padres did not seem intent on trading him.  With Aramis Ramirez‘s signing with the Brewers, the market for third basemen has just dropped off significantly.  It would seem if Headley were available, he would be the most sought-after third basemen out there.

December 5, 2011:  While clearly shopping Orlando Hudson and Jason Bartlett, it was reported the Padres were getting numerous hits on Chase Headley.  John Paul Morosi believed at the time that at least one of them would be dealt by Spring.

December 5, 2011:  Corey Brock of and reported that while the Padres may be willing to move Headley, they are asking for the “moon.”  As we’ve discussed here at Chicken Friars, the Padres should be asking for a large return if they trade Headley.  He’s above average defensively, and most teams recognize that outside Petco Park, Headley could morph into either a high-average/OBP guy or a power-hitting third baseman.

December 7, 2011:  Bruce Levine of ESPNChiacgo reported the Cubs were taking a look at Chase Headley.  This was the only news from Chicago we heard of any interest in Headley, but they still have not replaced Ramirez so it’s not improbable that they would be interested.

December 11, 2011:  In one of the quickest rumors to fizzle out, John Paul Morosi reported the Tigers were interested in Headley.  But he quickly added the talks had no momentum.  This does not mean a deal won’t be made.  The Padres may be focuses elsewhere right now (a Cameron Maybin extension please!), but they may return to talks with the Tigers.

December 15, 2011:  Ken Rosenthal reported that while the Padres have multiple trade possibilities and candidates, Headley is the most likely to be moved.  Orlando Hudson and Jason Barlett are not attracting much attention, and the Padres do not seem intent on moving Mat Latos.

Now you’re caught up on Headley.  Take a breath, finish your cup of coffee, then wait.  More news will come.  Headley is too hot a commodity right now to be ignored.  He will surely draw interest from other teams.  If the Mets ever make up their mind and deal David Wright, they may be interested in Headley.  The Tigers are clearly interested.  The Cubs have Ian Stewart, but Headley may still draw some talks.  The Rockies have options at third now, but they may still be in the mix.  Chase Headley finds himself as possibly the most pursued third baseman on the market right now.  Now a bad position for him or the Padres to be in.