Western Wire – 12/10/11


The week was filled with news from the Winter Meetings.  There seemed to be a breaking story every minute.  This was off-season baseball at its finest.  So let’s take a look at the week through the best of the West.

Around the Foghorn discussed the Giants without Carlos Beltran in their outfield.  After a half-season rental that went horribly wrong, Beltran will not be a San Francisco Giant next season.

The Rockies seemd to have gutted their team during the week in a an effort to line their pockets.  Maybe the extra payroll space is for moves down the line, but right now it just looks like the Rockies are dumping players.  Rox Pile analyzes the recent moves.

Just as it looked like the Dodgers wouldn’t do anything during the 2011 Winter Meeting, they traded away Dana Eveland on the last day.  Lasorda’s Lair takes a look at the minor league prospects the Dodgers received from Baltimore in return for Eveland.

Last but not least, the Diamondbacks blew up the baseball sporting world with their trade for Trevor Cahill.  Anyone with a Twitter account saw the rapid reaction from just about every person in baseball.  Venom Strikes took a quick peek at the trade and what exactly the Diamondbacks will be getting.

On a non-N.L. West related note, apparently some guy named Albert Pujols signed with the Los Angeles Angels.  Oh and I guess they picked up C.J. Wilson.  Not much going on there.

Until next week, this was your Western Wire.