Trade Rumors: Andrew Bailey on the Padres Radar


As reported by MLB Trade Rumors and Buster Olney, the Padres are interested in Oakland A’s closer Andrew Bailey.  The A’s have made it known they would like to trade Bailey, and the Padres obviously need a new closer.

This is an interesting rumor for two reasons.  Bailey is young, has very high upside, is cheap to date (although this will change quickly), and is under team control until the 2015 season.  Yet, the Padres would be making a sacrifice similar to re-signing Heath Bell.  Bell would cost the Padres more money than they would like to pay.  Bailey would have cost the Padres more in prospects than they should give up.

If the Padres can get Bailey for a player like Chase Headley, this deal might make sense.  The team has options at third as we discussed earlier today.  They would be taking a little over $3 million off the books in moving Headley, but they would be replacing that contract with about $3.5 million according to MLB Trade Rumors.  Headley’s value may not get much higher, but he is not all that expensive at third base.  Bailey is young and has performed well in Oakland.  In his three years there, Bailey has a 2.07 ERA with 75 saves.

If the Padres didn’t have such a good bullpen, this would be a no-brainer.  The Padres would be making this deal in a heartbeat, even if it meant giving up some good prospects.  However, the Padres do have a good bullpen.  They can try out some different options at closer until they find the right fit.

We’ll keep our eye on this and other rumors.  One thing is for sure, the Hot Stove is burning up now that Bell is gone.