Seedlings to Stars Talks Padres Prospects


Just a quick reminder to check out Seedlings to Stars for all the minor league and prospect coverage.  Yesterday, they covered two of the Padres prospects, Casey Kelly and Reymond Fuentes.  Both were aquired with Anthony Rizzo in the Adrian Gonzalez deal.  Here’s a quick excerpt:

Casey Kelly

"He projects to have three plus pitches (fastball, curve, change), plus control, a smooth delivery and an advanced understanding of pitching. But given those tools, he’s shown an alarming inability to put hitters away. In short the parts are far greater than the sum right now and that’s a bit of a concern."

Reymond Fuentes

"He’s already slipped in a number of Padres organizational prospect rankings and I’m sure that trend will continue as more of them are rolled out. He really needs to show more in 2012 than he has so far. Some have started to label Fuentes a disappointment, but that strikes me as a little unfair. While he hasn’t wowed anyone at any of his stops so far, he has managed to hold his own. Treading water isn’t sexy and it’s not going to get people fired up about your future but it’s certainly better than sinking."

Be sure to check out the full coverage here.