Second Thoughts on Kotsay


I’ve taken the Prilosec OTC, the Tums, the Maalox, and just about every other over-the-counter heart burn medication I could find. But they didn’t help. Like a slow, white hot burn in my chest, the Mark Kotsay signing is no longer sitting well with me. I was straddling the fence the other day, but today I feel it.

The first go-round with Kotsay was like a nice well-rounded meal. A little offense with a side of defense, all washed down with a touch of speed. The first time was fine, but now the team has gone for seconds. The Padres have brought him back with those fond memories from the original encounter. Yet, the second helping is never as good as the first, and in this case, it causes pain.

The signing was a curious one when it was announced, but my brain was awash with memories of Kotsay patrolling the outfield as I watched from the bleacher seats or from the first base line. Now, though, I’ve had some time to reflect. I’ve had some time for it all to settle in. And let me tell you, that familiar burn in my chest is roaring.

This move feels like the ones to which we’ve all become accustom. It feeks like an example of the Padres’ losing ways. In 2010, we saw Jed Hoyer making moves that he could at least explain as an attempt to push towards the play-offs. Throughout Kevin Towers’ time in San Diego, we saw our fair share of win-now moves. But in the “rebuilding” years, we saw many deals like this Mark Kotsay signing.

Signing a replacement-level (or worse) player to a contract over $1 million just feels like a waste. It also feels like a Josh Byrnes style move. Byrnes may prove me wrong, he may turn this team into a contender fast, but right now he’s starting off on the wrong foot. He’s giving me heartburn, and the only remedy is a quality signing.