Urban Dictionary Adds “Petco’d”


If you have never used UrbanDictionary.com, it is a site used to help find out the definition of different slang words. I usually use it to figure out what the heck some rapper is talking about in their song.

Anyway, our boy @joosef was able to get the word Petco’d added into the mix! The same @joosef that provided us with the Padres Drinking Game.

Here is the definition on urban dictionary:

"1. Petco’dTo be Petco’d one must play for the San Diego Padres or are playing against them at Petco Park. The dimensions are so vast, it can sometimes be compared to playing in the Grand Canyon. Anything hit deep into the outfield promptly dies in the air and ends up being a harmless flyout.With bases loaded, Ryan Ludwick connects on a 2-1 fastball. That ball is deep into right-center.. Back back going to the wall! The CF makes the catch for the final out game over. Ryan once again was Petco’d…"

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