Padres Heath Bell Talks Trade


Heath Bell talked about his future during Monday’s All Star Game interview session in Phoenix and here is a tidbit of it from the Los Angeles Times:

“When they tell me I’m going to Philly, St. Louis, Texas, the Yankees, the Angels — wherever it is — I’ll give my all to them,” Bell said.

Bell said he intends to market himself only as a closer in free agency but would not object if a team traded for him to pitch the seventh or eighth inning for the rest of this season.

“If they ask me to set up the last two months of the season, I’ll do it,” he said.

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Heath is hearing all the potential destinations and added that he would take a setup spot if they needed him to for the final 2 months of the season. He was the dominant eight inning guy for Trevor and can be used in that capacity when he is traded.

Whoever picks him up better be aware of his drama queen tendencies and know that the eighth or ninth inning likely will not go down 1-2-3. He still will hold it down and will be a HUGE upgrade to whoever is able to swing that trade.