Padres Head into Boston After Getting Swept by the Twins


This season is such a mess! Remember when we thought we could win games on the road and we were happy to get out of PETCO? That just changed when we headed out to Minnesota and they SHUT US DOWN and swept the series.

We now head into Boston to face the Red Sox and our former hero Adrian Gonzalez. It will be great to see Adrian again, but it is just a sad reminder of what we once had here in San Diego. Sadly, Adrian will probably have a great series against his former teammates and make the Friar Faithful just lose all faith in the team.

The guys still can’t make the clutch hit with runners in scoring position! We were shut out AGAIN in the middle game against the Twins and then the bullpen blew the final game of the series. The defense is all jacked up and the team has no confidence at all.

What should we expect out of this series in Boston? Would we be happy with just one win? Of course we wouldn’t be happy, but the expectations just keep falling!

Here are the PITCHING PROBABLES for the series:

Wade LeBlanc vs Andrew Miller tonight
I really wish we would bring back Anthony Bass or let Cory Luebke get the starts. We should be looking toward the future and get these guys some experience. The BoSox decided to throw out AnDrew Miller to start against us and it will be his first start of the season. What better team to start against?

Mat Latos vs Josh Beckett on Tuesday
We make no names look like CY Young award winners and we will have to play against Beckett who leads the league in ERA. He threw a one-hitter last time out and we may just be happy to get a hit against the righty.

Clayton Richard vs John Lackey on Wednesday
I love seeing a 7.02 ERA against us in a day game! This may be our chance to break off some runs and head home with a win! Let’s make this happen!