Padres Get Shutout and Water is Wet


This is the same old song and dance from our boys. Two players on the team combined for our only hits on the night. We were 0-for-7 with runners in scoring position and we racked up another ELEVEN strikeouts on the night.

Tim Stauffer was on the short end of the stick again tonight. He pitched a great game and only gave up one run in seven innings while striking out five. Those numbers added up to his fifth
loss on the season.

The team cannot get anything going at the plate. In the first inning, we led the game off with a Chris Denorfia triple. In case you were unsure, that means we have three chances to bring home a guy that is 90 feet away from scoring. You can hit a sacrifice fly, a slow ground ball somewhere, just making some sort of contact will give you a decent chance on getting the run in to score. We followed up that triple with a pair of strikeouts and a lazy fly ball to end the inning. ZERO RUNS!

That is unacceptable and it has become a regular event for the friar faithful.