Brad Hawpe out in right field again


Here is the lineup that Buddy is trotting out there tonight against Ubaldo Jimenez and the Rockies:

1 Chris Denorfia CF
2 Jason Bartlett SS
3 Chase Headley 3B
4 Ryan Ludwick LF
5 Brad Hawpe RF
6 Jorge Cantu 1B
7 Kyle Phillips C
8 Alberto Gonzalez 2B
9 Tim Stauffer P

The lineup has Brad Hawpe out in right field again with Chris Denorfia out playing center. It seems that this is something that we will get used to seeing, especially if the rumors of Anthony Rizzo being called up later this week are true.

Hawpe was not a good fielding outfielder when he was with the Rockies and we shouldn’t expect anything different from him out in Petco. As long as he swings a good bat, then it will be worth it and we can substitute him late in games defensively when we get the lead.

The lineup that scored ZERO runs last night didn’t change other than flipping Kyle Phillips and Alberto Gonzalez in the order. Hopefully the lineup will fair better against Ubaldo Jimenez tonight.

Tim Stauffer will take the mound tonight to shut down the Rockies and get that win!