Giants’ Buster Posey may be out for year after home plate collision


Even as a Padres fan, it is sad to hear and even crazier to see what happened to Buster Posey last night in a home plate collision. Posey possibly will miss the year with a broken leg and ligament damage. We would never want to wish such terrible injuries to our rivals.

The play at the plate was BRUTAL and I will never understand why plays like that are necessary in the game of baseball. There was no attempt to touch the plate and he ran in with the intention to knock him out and hope the ball falls out of his glove. It is an exciting play, but a play that seems unnecessary.

It is going to be a tough loss for the Giants to overcome and will bring them closer to the pack in the division. Posey was one of the few threats in that Giants lineup and they will really miss his presence.

The Padres still need to focus on hitting at home and figuring out how to get to .500 before they can think about catching up to the champs. There still is a long road for us and hopefully we can make the steps needed to right this ship!