Pitching and…. Defense?


Pitching and defense – it is supposed to be our bread and butter. It is supposed to be the way that we win ballgames. The offense has been a roller coaster ride, but the pitching and defense is supposed to be stable.

The pitching has been pretty good and the numbers will get better since we are back home at PETCO, BUT the defense has been SHAKY! We have the 4th most errors in the league with 33, only behind the Astros, Rangers, and Cardinals.

The two guys on the left side of our infield, Jason Bartlett and Chase Headley, are racking up there error totals. Bartlett has 5 errors this season and had 11 errors last season, while Headley has 6 errors this season and had 13 last season. Our pitchers have had troubles making throws out to the bags and have committed 6 errors already this season.

This is not the Padres baseball that we won with last year. The team needs to clean this thing up. We shouldn’t be at the bottom of the stat sheet in fielding. CLEAN IT UP!