Taking on the Rox, offense stay hot!


The offensive bats have woken up in the last couple of games and we now are in Colorado to keep the bats hot. Hopefully that Colorado thin air will keep these bats rolling. This is a good series for us to win and get some games back in the division.

Some fans have already given up on the season, but we are still in it and we are ready to go for a streak. If this offense wakes up a little and the pitching continues what it has been doing, then we can find ourselves right back in this race. It starts today and these guys need to pull together as a team and get things rolling!

Dustin Moseley is taking the mound today and that has not been good news for our offense. We usually get shut out in games with him on the mound, but today is Friday the 13th and weird things can happen. Hopefully we get some runs and a little bit of luck and we can jump right back on track.