What a Lud of… 0-for-his-last-21


How long do we have to sit through this? Ryan Ludwick is in a five game HITLESS streak. He is 0-for-his-last-21 at bats. As a Padre, going back to last season, he has a batting average below .200 (.199).

At some point, you have to move on and let someone else get those at bats. Enough is enough already! Chris Denorfia has the highest batting average on the team and is sitting on the bench while Ludwick is trying to find his swing. Luddy’s swing can be found somewhere outside of San Diego in some other uniform, it NEVER has been here.

We are tired of watching it and are ready to see someone else make an attempt. Bring back Cedric Hunter or Aaron Cunningham… just move on and bring in fresh blood because we are over it.