Time to send Will Venable down to the minors


Will has been TERRIBLE with the bat all season and it is time to spread out those at bats to some other players. This was supposed to be a break-out year for him and he has not even come close to the expectations that we have for him. In 100 plate appearances, Will has JUST ONE extra base hit and a batting average of .195. Mat Latos has more home runs than him! He is just a free out for the other team and our struggling offense has too many hitters like this. We need to start limiting the damage and he should get some time back in the minors where he can work on that swing.

The Padres can use Chris Denorfia out in right field and then bring up either Luis Durango or Aaron Cunningham to give them a chance at the major league level. Denorfia will be able to provide a better bat in the lineup but will not be quite as good out in the field. Durango and Cunningham can be used in the field for defensive replacement if needed.

We can’t afford to giveaway outs and Will Venable is one of many holes in the lineup. Time to make a change.