This pitching kept us close, the hitting will bring us back


Our offense just can’t be this bad (or can it?). These are major league hitters and history shows that they are not going to be THIS terrible. They should be coming around at some point and when they do, the wins will start coming as shown yesterday with Ryan Ludwick‘s bat coming alive.

The starters in the rotation have done a phenomenal job to keep games close and they have just been waiting patiently for a little support. The rotation of Dustin Moseley, Clayton Richard, Aaron Harang and Tim Stauffer have done an exceptional job this year. Mat Latos has struggled in his starts, but he should be coming around pretty quickly.

This rotation won’t be slowing down any time soon, so when the runs start coming, the WINS will not be that far behind. We might be able to climb right back into this thing.

I will be rubbin’ that Friar belly hoping we get this thing going.