Padres playing familiar style in opening day win


I’m out in enemy territory snowboarding the mountains of Colorado and attempting to write this post off my phone!

I was able to take a long enough break to see the opening day victory over the St Louis Cardinals. What a great way to open out the season with a victory in extra innings.

The Padres were aggressie on the bases and took advantage of errors. Ryan Ludwick should have been out on a hit and run play, when he used his right hand to slap the ball out the fielders glove, and we find a way to drive in the run.

Orlando Hudson had Will Venable at 3rd with less than two outs and did his job by hitting the ball in the air to score the run.

Cameron Maybin came up huge with great defense and a home run with our last out in the game. Then he had a base hit that allowed Chase Bradley to make a heads up play to score the go ahead run.

The pitching was strong and held St Louis to 3 runs. The defense up the middle forced a bunch of double plays and Albert Pujols was victim of three of them.

Just a good victory for the boys to set the tone for the rest of the season and play the brand of baseball that we are used to.