Has the Friar mascot been demoted to Triple-A Tuscon?


The San Diego Padres minor league affiliate, Triple-A Tuscon, released their uniforms for the upcoming season and it brings back the retro look from the Padres past and the ball caps have the swinging friar on there.

As Darren Smith brought up on XX1090, does that mean that the Friar has to go down to Triple-A Tuscon to be their mascot? How much do people love the friar?

I always thought that the guy was awesome with his fat little belly and bald head. He just seems so joyful!

If we really are sending the friar down to Triple-A, then they better find the San Diego Chicken. That is a trade that I would make in a heartbeat.

Hopefully it is either the Chicken or the Friar that is the team mascot, otherwise this BLOG will have to change the name to Chicken Friar Dogs OR whatever they choose to use as the team mascot. It just doesn’t have the same ring to it.