Has Wade LeBlanc fallen out of competition for 5th spot in rotation?


Jed Hoyer mentioned on the radio last week that the 5th spot in the rotation is Wade LeBlanc‘s to lose, but LeBlanc has struggled through the spring and I am wondering if the competition is passing him up. Both Cory Luebke and Dustin Moseley have been throwing the ball well and show that they are good candidates for the 5th spot.

LeBlanc’s stat line for his game yesterday was UGLY. He pitched in 5 innings, giving up 6 earned on 3 home runs. Here is what had this to say after the outing:

"I feel like I threw the ball well. I felt I had good stuff and good command.I made one mistake on a change up to Wells. I got a fastball in on Hunter and he did a good job getting to it.I threw an 0-2 (changeup) to Trumbo, and it wasn’t bad. But I should have buried it. – Wade LeBlanc"

If LeBlanc gets lit up like that when he has “good stuff”, then what will happen when he is having an off day? I really feel that LeBlanc needs to pitch well in his final starts of the spring to REGAIN his spot in the rotation. Dustin Moseley should be holding a slight edge over Cory Luebke for that final spot. The only thing that may hurt Moseley in the competition is that we also have a need for a long reliever in the pen and he seems to be the best candidate for that spot as well.