Should the Friars go after Bengie Molina?


With Gregg Zaun announcing his retirement today, should the Padres go after veteran catcher Bengie Molina?

Rob Johnson is currently the leading candidate to take the backup catcher role now that Zaun is gone. Johnson has played in 161 games in the majors and has a .200 batting average. Nick Hundley is the starting catcher, but there is not much depth behind him and if Hundley goes down with an injury we would be stuck with Johnson.

Bengie would be able to provide power off the bench and also can handle a young pitching staff.

"He helped me mature and succeed. I’ve said time and time again that he deserves half of those awards that I’ve gotten – Tim Lincecum"

We should definitely pick up Molina and bring him in for Spring Training. I just don’t think that Rob Johnson is our answer for the backup catcher spot.