Cameron Maybin Accidentally Talks Trash About the Padres Part-Owner


San Diego Padres newly acquired OF Cameron Maybin inserted his foot in his mouth yesterday over twitter:

"Never eat panda express sh*ts had me feeling awful for 2 days back on my grind tomorrow,, We got action… – Cameron Maybin (i would link it up, but he deleted it)"

Panda Express can do that to a person, but you probably should not say that when part-owner of the Padres, Tom Davin, is also the CEO of Panda Express.

Today, it looks like someone let him know since he attempts to clear the air with this tweet:

"Man just got back on the wagon panda express was great today, now I’m ready for action…. Best oriental cuisine around… Let’s go…! – Cameron Maybin"

Cameron, you showed some pretty good wheels backpedaling from that Panda tweet, hope you can use those wheels to catch a ball hit in the gap! If you really get the poops from Panda, just stay away from it during the season, or you will end up with some stories like George Brett:

Quick warning on the video (George uses some foul language in the vid, had to send out a warning before you play it)