The San Diego Padres Top 100 Prospects: #95–Chris Tremblay, SS

By Editorial Staff

Name: Chris Tremblay
Position: Shortstop
DOB: 11/13/86
2010 Level(s): Eugene (Short-season-A), Lake Elsinore (High-A)

Tremblay earned a spot on this list essentially on batting average alone. A 19th-round pick out of Kent State last year, he has hit .311/.345/.390 in Eugene this year.

Tremblay sees lefties particularly well, hitting .410/.452/.436 off of them with Eugene. He put up a tremendous .984 fielding percentage at short with the Emeralds, and also pitched in some work at second and third base. It was a huge step up from his .935 fielding percentage last year.

There are quite a few problems with Tremblay. First is his age–23-year-olds in short-season ball aren’t exactly top prospects. Second is his power, as his .079 ISO isn’t scaring anybody, and he had a horrific .013 mark last year. Tremblay has just one homer in 98 career games, has never tripled, and has just 13 doubles.

His plate discipline isn’t great, either, with a 34/8 K/BB ratio in Eugene this year. Without power or plate discipline, Tremblay needs to make Ichiro-esque contact, and his average strikeout totals show he’s nowhere near that level.

It’s going to be very difficult for Tremblay to make it to the majors, but he has been one of Eugene’s best hitters this year, and that should count for something. He’ll need to improve his K/BB ratio and keep hitting for average to have a future as a utilityman.