Other NL West Moves

By Editorial Staff

After the Dodgers and D’backs made poor moves (in my opinion) with the Dan Haren and Scott Podsednik trades, those two have made a few other moves.

To recap:

The Diamondbacks traded Edwin Jackson to the White Sox for Dan Hudson and David Holmberg. I thought that move was actually very good for Arizona, and somewhat makes up for the Haren debacle.

They also made another trade, sending Chris Snyder and Pedro Ciriaco to Pittsburgh for Ryan Church, Bobby Crosby, and D.J. Carrasco. I thought the deal overwhelmingly favors Pittsburgh, although the D’backs ultimately won’t be harmed.

Then the Dodgers made another pretty shortsighted move, acquiring Ted Lilly and Ryan Theriot from the Cubs for Blake DeWitt, Brett Wallach, and Kyle Smit. I speculated that Frank McCourt is trying to make a last-ditch run, but that it’s unlikely to work given where the Dodgers are in the standings.

Of the three teams in the NL West that have made moves, I’d say the Padres have come out the best so far, making one good move and one okay move. The Dodgers have made two poor moves, and Arizona’s made one terrible move, one good move, and one head-scratching but neutral move.