Galvez Crushes Three Homers

By Editorial Staff

Fort Wayne infielder Jonathan Galvez entered yesterday’s game with two homers and a .314 slugging percentage in 77 games.

He left the game with five homers and a .353 slugging percentage in 78 games.

That’s right, the 19-year-old Galvez smashed three homers Thursday night to more than double his season homer total. The homers came in the midst of a huge slump, as even now, Galvez is at .172/.262/.328 in July.

The Dominican also made an error at second base, his 29th of the year. Galvez has been spending more time at second of late to give him easier throws, with second baseman Jeudy Valdez, a more consistent defender, recently moving over to man shortstop.

Anyway, it’s certainly impressive to see anyone hit three homers, let alone a 19-year-old middle infielder. Galvez has held his own offensively against pitchers who are usually older than him, so that’s certainly a nice development. Hopefully this one huge night spawns further success the rest of the year and beyond.