Padres Select Southwest Minnesota State RHP Adam Schrader With 39th Round Pick in 2010 MLB Draft

By Editorial Staff

So we go from Wheeling Jesuit University lefty Noah Mull to Southwest Minnesota State righty Adam Schrader. Quite the off-the-beaten-path places, at least to a casual Draft observer such as myself.

Schrader stops a big string of undersized pitchers that started with 34th rounder Xavier Esquivel in the Padres’ draft.

Rather, Schrader is a strong 6’3″ 210. A control pitcher, the 23-year-old pounds the strike zone.

Schrader, like Mull before him, is pretty old for a draftee, even a senior, so he obviously has to move quickly. Rumor is that he’ll be sent straight up to Eugene (assuming he signs).

Schrader posted a 3.28 ERA in 74 innings as a senior, striking out 62 and walking just 23. His body type offers some projection, so he could sit around 91 mph once he’s filled out, perhaps even higher if his ultimate destiny is relief. Given the starting depth in the low minors, I’d be surprised if Schrader isn’t moved to relief.