Padres Select Juco RHP Allen Marona in 37th Round of 2010 MLB Draft

By Editorial Staff

One of the more intriguing late-round picks for the Padres in this year’s draft is Allen Marona, a righthanded pitcher from Northwest Shoals Community College.

Marona, 21, is a converted shortstop who showed his potential quickly on the mound.

Like many of the Padres’ late-round pitchers, he’s not the biggest guy, at 6’1″ 200 or so, but he cranks his heater well over 90 and used the pitch to strike out 69 in 39 innings last year.

And that gets my attention.

I’ve said it before in these draft commentaries, and I’ll say it again: Anyone with otherworldly stats in juco or college deserves a late-round look, even if scouts don’t like them, because there’s always that chance that what’s bringing them success, however “projectable” or not, will continue to work.

Marona, being new to pitching, also has the added benefits of a) having a fresh arm and b) having more to learn (and therefore more room to grow from his present level) than most.

I love this selection; hopefully the Padres sign him.