Padres Select Kennesaw State 2B Tyler Stubblefield With 22nd Round Pick in 2010 MLB Draft

“Tyler Stubblefield” just sounds like a gritty, veteran, college second baseman, doesn’t it?

Well, Tyler Stubblefield, an infielder from Kennesaw State University, was selected by the Padres in the 22nd round of the 2010 draft today.

Stubblefield, 22, is a solid all-around player.

He’s the first Padres draftee with a batting average under .300 this year, but he hit .285/.381/.475 with nine homers and a nearly even K/BB ratio. He also successfully converted all 20 of his steal attempts.

Stubblefield also made 23 errors in 54 games, which needs to come down. He has a funky arm angle on his throws, and tend to drop down to almost submarine, which is problematic.

Stubblefield does show a smooth swing with a hint of loft.

I’m not thrilled with this pick, but Stubblefield does have some intriguing skills. There just seem to be some holes in his game (errors, batting average), and at 22 with a somewhat maxed-out frame, there doesn’t seem to be a whole lot of projection left.