Padres Select HS 3B Jacoby Almaraz With 28th Round Pick in 2010 MLB Draft

By Editorial Staff

It took the Padres 28 rounds to draft a third baseman.

Granted, the position is one of the deeper ones in the system, but man, that’s a long wait.

They finally selected Texas high schooler Jacoby Almaraz in round 28.

Almaraz does have a nice skillset, so if he signs, the Padres probably will be able to get away with not drafting a 3B before him.

He’s got a nice 6’3″ frame and is very projectable, with a nice smooth swing.

Already a hitter who can use the whole field, the 18-year-old is advanced for his age. He’s not a defensive savant, but gets the job done at third base and can stick there.

Almaraz is another intriguing late-round selection who has time to develop.