Padres Select Connors State OF Dan Meeley in 18th Round of 2010 MLB Draft

The Padres selected Connors State outfielder Dan Meeley in the 18th round of the 2010 draft.

Meeley will turn 21 next month. He’s a lefty batter who let NJCAA in hits (97) and ranked third in batting average (.439) and second in homers (22) this year.

Like 17th rounder Wes Cunningham before him, Meeley is more of a numbers prospect than anything else. He’ll likely play an outfield corner in pro ball, and doesn’t have a particularly projectable frame.

Still, Meeley’s numbers were right there with those of Houston Slemp, the Padres’ 10th rounder. In order to be one of the top juco hitters in the country, he had to be doing quite a bit right.

And with that sort of production still on the board this late in the draft, I find the selection of Meeley to be quite wise.