Padres Select Coastal Carolina CF Jablonski Noel With 5th Round Pick in 2010 MLB Draft

By Editorial Staff

If nothing else, that’s one hell of a name.

Jablonski Noel, a 21-year-old outfielder out of Coastal Carolina, was the 154th overall pick of the 2010 MLB Draft, and the Padres’ fifth selection.

If you thought fourth-rounder Chris Bisson was a speedster, check out Noel’s 56 steals in 69 attempts in 63 games! That’s a bit of a high caught-stealing total, but that’s likely a product of opponents knowing he’s always looking to run.

Unlike Bisson, who’s more of a singles and doubles, Adam Kennedy sort, Noel has some over-the-fence power and bashed 11 homers as a junior. He hit .348/.464/.587.

For a speed player, Noel also has a good concept of the strike zone, as he drew 40 walks, striking out 41 times.

Noel has a bit of a Rajai Davis-esque build, and the two look similar in running styles. He has excellent range and a solid arm in center field.

At the plate, Noel uses a crouched, open stance. His bat is very quick through the strike zone.

Noel is a very interesting selection who seems to ooze tools but also has some polish. I’m excited about his potential, and he adds to an impressive crop of minor league outfielders in the San Diego system.

Noel also goes by “Rico,” so if you see a “Rico Noel,” it’s this guy.