Padres Select Arizona State C Xorge Carrillo With 23rd Round Pick in 2010 MLB Draft


I love this guy already, just for his first name.

Xorge Carrillo, a 21-year-old junior catcher out of Arizona State, is the Padres’ 23rd rounder this year.

Carrillo is a stocky guy who certainly isn’t going to be a speedster. His build resembles that of the Molinas.

Carrillo only played in 16 games last year, starting just 8. He did hit .353/.439/.618 with two homers. He also caught 4 of 6 attempted base thieves.

Carrillo tends to get out in front of pitches on his front foot, an issue he’ll likely need to correct as he deals with more breaking and offspeed pitches in the pros. He’s got an accurate and strong arm, but could stand to have a quicker release behind the plate. The other aspects of his defense are solid.

The Padres need catching depth, and Carrillo is just the second catcher they selected, after 14th-rounder Tommy Medica. Hopefully, Carrillo evolves into a Yadier Molina-type player, although that’s way too much to ask right now from a late-round draftee.