Evan Scribner’s Ridiculous Numbers

By Editorial Staff

Evan Scribner has a 30/1 K/BB ratio.

I could just stop the article there, and the point (“He’s been ridiculously good”) would be made, but I suppose there is more that I can add.

Scribner is a 23-year-old Double-A righthanded relief pitcher who has pitched 20 2/3 innings this season across 17 games.

He’s got a 1.74 ERA and the aforementioned insane K/BB mark.

Scribner has arguably the nastiest curveball in the system, and offers a lively low-90’s heater as well. Plenty of major league pitchers have excelled in relief with that sort of arsenal.

Scribner, however, is one of many Double-A relievers (Mike DeMark, Brandon Gomes, Craig Italiano, and Bryan Oland as well) who deserve a Triple-A look, but the Padres have such a bullpen clog that he’s trapped in Double-A for now. It’ll be interesting to see which of these pitchers wind up breaking through to the next level later this season.