Bad Day For San Diego in NL West Standings


With a tough 4-3 loss to the Dodgers, the Padres lost a game on LA, who is now just four games back of the Padres in the NL West.

San Francisco beat up a poor Houston team 8-2, to get back to 2 ½ back.

It’s going to be key for the Padres to maintain their momentum their next two games to keep their distance from a hot LA team and a Giants squad that’s likely to at least win the series, if not sweep, with Houston.

This is why no individual game means that much in itself. The second you think you’ve gotten through your big, difficult situation (like sweeping the team closest to you), you wind up in another big, difficult situation (you’re playing the team second-closest to you, while the one closest plays the worst team in the NL).

In reality, they’re all big situations. Hopefully, San Francisco gets tripped up by Houston somehow, and the Padres get back on track with Kevin Correia likely returning today.