Adam Russell and a Staggering Financial Stat

By Editorial Staff

I look in a lot of different places to find article ideas, and sometimes, when I write quite a bit (like I have lately) I find myself struggling to come up with topics. Writing about the Padres, I only have so much to work with, after all.

So, this morning, I was browsing the WAR stats for the Padres over at Fangraphs. I noticed that David Eckstein and Adrian Gonzalez crossed the 1 WAR line with their strong performances yesterday, but I’d already mentioned their value recently, so there was no point in writing another post on it. I then looked at pitchers and saw nobody had crossed 1 WAR. Wade LeBlanc and Clayton Richard (0.8) are closest.

So, none of that was helpful (but now you know, haha).

Before I went on to look for something else, a thought popped into my head: How much WAR does Adam Russell’s 4 1/3 hitless innings accumulate? It would be interesting to see how a great performance over a very small stretch would translate to WAR.

Russell’s WAR, it turns out, is 0.1. Not interesting.

What is interesting is that those 4 1/3 innings make Russell “worth” approximately $400,000 this season.


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Look, I’m as flabbergasted by the ridiculous salaries in sports as the next guy. But I think in a sense, we’ve all seen so many 5 year, $80 million contracts that we’re just numb to what that means. Even with A-Rod’s contract and other huge ones, we go “Yep, figures.”

But, man, 4 1/3 hitless innings of relief (with 5 K and 1 BB) is worth $400,000 dollars? That’s what this means?

What’s really significant about this in terms of baseball (rather than shock value) is that it really highlights the discrepancy between open-market pay and team-control pay, particularly pre-arbitration. Adam Russell earns basically the minimum salary–around $400,000.

He’s thrown just 4 1/3 innings, and he’s already deserved a full year’s paycheck.

The amount of extra value teams get out of team-controlled players is staggering. Wade LeBlanc, for example, has already been worth $3.4 million–a cool $3 million over his actual pay. And it’s mid-May. LeBlanc could turn into a pumpkin and still provide a couple extra million to the Padres.

Even more staggering? Kyle Blanks has already been worth the $400,000 he makes.

I can keep going at this. Lance Zawadzki is already worth $300,000 after going 2-for-11 with a double in six games.

…At that, I’m going to guess my point is made. These numbers really underscore how dramatic a profit teams make on players in their first couple of years. It’s why those guys are a bigtime commodity the Padres and other budget-conscious teams should look to get more of.