Logan Forsythe Update


We’re all waiting for Logan Forsythe to seize the second base job from the currently ineffective tandem of David Eckstein and Jerry Hairston.

Forsythe is currently hitting .364/.464/.545 at Double-A San Antonio, a big improvement over the .279/.384/.377 he put up there last year.

Of course, Forsythe has been deemed ready for Triple-A offensively by Padres brass; it’s his defense at second that has him still at Double-A.

Drafted as a third baseman, Forsythe excelled there, but with James Darnell (currently in Double-A) and Edinson Rincon (currently in Low-A) also promising at that position, the Padres elected to move Forsythe, the best defender of the three, off of third to the more challenging second base position.

It hasn’t been a smooth transition.

Forsythe wasn’t smooth in limited spring action at second, and he already has three errors in six games there in Double-A.

Of course, there are three mitigating factors:

1.) He hasn’t played much at second.
2.) Errors aren’t anywhere near as important as range in terms of overall defensive value.
3.) Small sample size–it’s only six games.

If anything happens to current major league third baseman Chase Headley, Forsythe will likely be promoted to the majors straight from Double-A to take over third base–the Padres have already declared him Headley’s “backup.” Still, he’d be more valuable long-term as a second baseman.

The offense, as always, is promising, but Forsythe can’t make an error every other game and expect to be an acceptable defender at second.

His error count (and TotalZone numbers, once we’re more than a month into the year) will be something to watch as Forsythe attempts to settle in at his new position.