A Simulation Adventure

By Editorial Staff

I’m going to experiment.

Today, I purchased Baseball Mogul 2011, the latest installation in a solid series of baseball simulations published by Sports Mogul, Inc. (No, they’re not paying me).

I am in the process right now of beginning a dynasty mode with the 2010 Padres. I plan to take an even more extreme “rebuilding” approach than the team currently is–you can expect most of the 30-and-over players to be gone by the All-Star Break–and see what happens. Will the team compete with a bare-bones payroll in 2010, like the Marlins? Will it work in future years?

I plan to run the simulation concurrently with the actual Padres season, and obviously, the rosters and outcomes will strongly diverge the further the season progresses. I also plan to institute some very unconventional managerial tactics (for example, no closers). But I’ll get to that in later installments.

Anyway, I’ll periodically post how my version of the team is doing compared to the real-life Padres, as well as any moves I make. Hopefully, it’ll be interesting. I’ll be putting the simulation at its most difficult level, so it won’t be easy.

Stay tuned for more on this later in the week.