Kevin Correia: Showing Good Control This Spring

By Editorial Staff

Why am I writing about this?

Because it’s the only observation I could make from spring training stats that comes anywhere near having any sort of meaning.

The only pitcher to throw more than two innings this spring for San Diego, Correia has posted some okay numbers, allowing two runs on three hits and striking out just two.

Although he has hit one batter, Correia hasn’t walked anyone yet, which is a positive sign that his plus control has made the trip to camp with him.

Spring training stats, of course, mean little or nothing with veterans like Correia, and he’ll make the team no matter how poor his March performance is.

Still, you want to see at least a hint of all of a veteran pitcher’s skills in the exhibition games, just so you can be sure that their skillset is intact from the year prior.

It looks like Correia is healthy and hasn’t suffered a drastic loss of ability to pitch, which is good for a team that needs him to pitch 200 solid innings this year.

That’s the first (and only) conclusion we can draw from the infinitesimal amount of spring data thus far.

But hey, the Padres are on today, so finally, we’ll be able to get a look at pitchers’ stuff, which is far more important than stats at this point.