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FOB Top Prospects - #32 Adys Portillo

Adys Portillo (RHP)

6’2″ – 235 lbs.

DOB: 12/21/1991

2013 Stats: 4.82 ERA, 9.6 K/9, 3.9 BB/9, 2.34 FIP (A – Fort Wayne)

Twitter: @adysportillo

Scouting Video

Portillo is a big dude who throws really hard. His ranking here and on other sites is probably based almost entirely on potential. As far as his body of work goes, it’s not that impressive. As far as his body goes, it gets less impressive each season. Could it be the fact that he takes dietary tips from Pablo Sandoval? I’ll let you develop your own conclusions. I almost feel like I should have rated Eflin higher than Portillo based solely off of numbers but, I have been trying to avoid using only numbers. Potential means a lot here and Portillo is all potential. If I was to use only numbers, I would probably not have Portillo on the list at all. Portillo’s career numbers make last year’s look absolutely stellar: 4.84 ERA, 6.53 K/9, 5.40 BB/9, 4.76 FIP. I’ll go ahead and lay down this ultimatum. Portillo will be 22 this year. Next year he may be in the California League. It’s time to show what he can do. Lower the walks. Lower the ERA. Otherwise, you risk not being in our top 35 prospects next year! (Like he cares…)

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