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Padres Rumor Run-Down

Here are a few rumors to keep you entertained this Sunday, in case the NFL is boring you. If you’re like me, you are only watching football as a way to pass the time till Pitchers and Catchers report.

Over at SB Nation, Noah Jarosh mentions the Padres as a team who could be interested in trading for Pick Porcello. He mentions that last season the Padres were interested in trading Jesus Guzman for Porcello. I’m sure that the Padres would still love to trade Guzman for Porcello, despite the fact that they do not necessarily need another SP. But I’m pretty sure that the Tigers do not want Guzman. He probably does need to be traded, though. Guzman or Blanks is probably going to need to go. I’d prefer it not be Blanks.

Over at Newberg Report, a Texas Rangers blog, Jamey Newberg spitballs a trade between the Padres and Rangers. Pitcher Jerad Eickhoff and outfielder Jordan Akins for Kyle Blanks. Eickhoff had a decent year in high A ball while Akins has continued to struggle with his batting average at every level. I wouldn’t trade Blanks for these guys. Like I said before, I wouldn’t trade Blanks at all. I’d rather trade Guzman and keep Blanks.

Every week we hear something different on the Chase Headley front. This week, MLB Trade Rumors is reporting that Headley is likely to be traded. At this point, I would say it’s 50-50. But, the fact that Headley’s agents and the Padres reportedly did not talk at the GM Meetings may mean the Padres are leaning toward trading him.

Feel free to comment below on what you think about any of these potential trades. Are Blanks or Guzman going to get traded? Would the Padres jump at Porcello if the Tigers called? Is Chase Headley going to make it to Spring Training as a Padre?

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