Feb 18, 2013; Peoria, AZ, USA; San Diego Padres starting pitcher Jason Marquis (21) poses for a picture during the Padres photo day at Camelback Ranch. Mandatory Credit: Rick Scuteri-USA TODAY Sports

Padres Go Down Again

This is a tough one to write.  I’m tempted just to skip this one and go to sleep.  Padres what gives?  We are rapidly reaching the point of no return.  (many might say we’ve already passed it)  The Padres go down hard against a hot team in the Brewers, with Jason Marquis falling into a hole 5-0 in the first inning.  You can’t do that at home, you’ll ruin the experience for the fans.  Padres home stand crowds will continue to wither and baseball in general will suffer.

Not too many positives, don’t feel like kicking a dog when its down.  Padres get their heart torn out early, and it was too much to come back from.  Padre hitters out hit the Brewers, but strikeout 10 times, perhaps trying to hard.  The funny thing about baseball is that you do have to stay even keel.  There’s no crying in baseball - getting frustrated actually hurts your game.  Swinging too hard and swinging out of your norm, also hurts your game.

But I’m just a fan, and I can get frustrated, and furthermore I am frustrated.  New ownership comes in trying to make smart baseball moves, and tries not emulate the 2012 Miami Marlins.  Baseball operations fails to sign an FA Starting Pitcher, fearing repercussions of overpaying.  We now see the repercussion of not paying - the Padres starting five starts the season with 94 IP and 57 ER.  That comes out to 5.46 ERA.  That does not cut the mustard.

My next home game comes this wed against the Brewers – let’s hope it doesn’t get worse by then.

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  • MrWhamBam

    ok, so this is pretty much a repeat of what we all saw last season, in April. But to hear Black call it, it was EXTREMELY crucial that they start the season in any other way but this….what we’re watching is a bunch of bulls**t.

    And we can go back and forth about who is exactly to blame, here. I have a lot of criticisms with this team, but for the first time ever, Im gonna point a big middle finger at Bud Black. And the other middle finger at Byrnes.

    The more I think about it, not only is this team in need of a MAJOR overhaul with the players, but I think we need on in field management as well…and maybe even with the GM spot. I think both of them are on the hot seat.

    Byrnes decided not to make any significant changes to this team in the offseason, even tho he said he would. And then he blew off his negligence to make changes, as him just not seeing anything out there worth pursuing…he could not have been more wrong about something, given ownership’s stating that they were prepared to give Byrnes some money if he needed it.

    and folks wonder why Josh Byrnes was fired in Arizona??

    And then you have Bud Black, who could have and should have placed more urgency on the need for front line starting pitching..and he didnt. Him and Byrnes are very tight. Much like Towers was with Bochy. And yet, we got no sense from Black that we in fact needed something more than what we got in Jason Marquis.

    I just dont like the feel of this ballclub. Id like a manager like Dale Sveum, who at the very least is very willing to demand more from his players, and isnt shy about doing so in and out of the clubhouse. Sometimes, guys get slack…sometimes players go with a good thing like playing in San Diego and enjoying how beautiful it is here, and they damn near forget that playing in San Diego IS NOT a vacation.

    There was a time when over the hill players (too many to name), came to play for this team, with no expectation besides enjoying one last season in the big leagues in a very nice town like SD…they could’ve cared less about wins and losses.

    Petco Park is not that kind of place anymore. We demand more…we demand better, from players and management, alike.

    I’ll say again…I will not buy another ticket to see a game at Petco Park, until I see a MAJOR change in the way this team handles its business, in the front office and on the field.

    What I saw last nite, was a team that played more like a minor league team. It was flat out embarrassing to watch on tv…I can only imagine how embarrassing it was to watch the game at the ballpark.

    And to think that they thought making the ballpark “smaller” would help?…are you kidding me?..just like I thought, moving in the walls will help visiting teams more than it will help us. Why?…BECAUSE 95% OF THE TEAMS THAT COME HERE, HAVE BETTER LINEUPS, THATS WHY.

    Moving the walls in at Petco Park is like inviting a shark into a swimming pool…it wont have to go far to do damage.

    San Francisco has a balpark that is as big as ‘old’ Petco was…but they win more games than they lose. Why do they win more, despite the ballpark?…BECAUSE THEY HAVE THE RIGHT BALLPLAYERS TO HELP THE TEAM WIN!

    and they pay REAL money to make sure that happens…

    • Miguel Rodriguez

      couldn’t agree more with you. nothing more demotivating than 5 runs in the first ._.