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A Public Apology to Everth Cabrera

A couple months ago I wrote something about Everth Cabrera and his debacle with steroids and being named and blah blah blah. Some people got pretty upset with me. They thought I was saying Everth did in fact take steroids. It was an unfortunate series of events because that was the opposite of what that post was intended to do. It was more to examine what I feel is the ridiculous lie that comes with players and steroids, to expose what they may actually do, and I used Everth Cabrera as the launching point for that. Now, I am not apologizing for that post. I still believe it and stand by it. I would however like to apologize for a something I wrote in a reply to a comment someone left in regards to that steroid post.

In that reply I basically explained that I was willing to give up on Everth. I was ready to let him walk away from the Padres. You see, I’ve never trusted Everth; he’s had a lot of trouble staying healthy and staying in the big leagues. He has had a lot of issues putting the ball in play and getting on base. However, last season Everth did shine in one category – steals. His speed and aggressiveness on the base paths progressed in a way that I don’t think anyone saw coming; and only because people had been waiting for it for so long we all just forgot it could happen. He lead the National League in steals last season, and with the shortstop position pretty much secured in 2013, most talking heads didn’t see a downslide coming. I, however, especially with distraction of steroid implications, thought a downslide was on it’s way. Given his track record, Everth seemed like a fantastic Triple-A player who might never be able to repeat that success in the Majors. I always wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt, but he never gave that many reasons to fully extend that benefit. Last season when he put on a running clinic I saw some of that potential peek through, but was it enough for me to say the Padres should stick with him fulltime in 2013? I wasn’t sure.


So far Everth has been a lighting rod on this squad. Not only did he match his homerun total from last year, he’s stealing bases and he’s hitting a little better than normal. Although, I never think he’ll be someone who hits over .260 for an entire season, I will trade that for his improved ability to get on base and timely knocks: and that’s what we’re getting so far this season. I know it’s early and I know we have a small sample size to base all of these things on. But, his progression from last season has seemed to continue upwards and expand into other parts of his game, which is what fans and the team have been hoping for over the past four seasons. If this continues and can hold steady we’re going to have one of the better shortstops in the National League. Of course I may be jinxing the whole damn thing by writing this, but I feel it’s my duty. Sportswriter, bloggers, and TV analysts are not infallible, nor should we ever act like it. Especially bloggers. We’re just fans who love the sport or team so much so that our only course of action was to try and spend our time lending a voice to the sometimes voiceless. Yes, it’s self-aggrandizing and yes it feels good to think that way. We’re wrong all the time, and whether that stems from just being negligent, lazy, or fighting to get readers by ridiculous means, it still happens. Do I like admitting when I’m wrong? Not at all. Just ask my wife. However, just as it’s our job to try and give you something interesting to read and think about, it’s our job to call attention to our mistakes as well. And, perhaps bloggers are the only ones who really do that at all. Can’t imagine a scenario where Jason Whitlock would ever admit his mistakes.

I sincerely hope Everth can keep this progression up, and continue to prove me wrong. I’m learning to celebrate when our team does well, just as much as I bitch when they do poorly.

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  • Po Wes Dantha

    How about moving him to centerfield

  • MrWhamBam

    I think Cabby will have his ups and downs this season, like most ballplayers…so Im just looking forward to how guys like you talk about him when he finally slumps at some point this season.

    ive always been a fan of his, ever since him and Blanks got called up in 2009. And Ive always been annoyed with all the buttlicking that Headley got, where him being called up too soon was concerned.

    If anyone on that team deserves a real shot at sticking, its Cabby…simply because he was called up when there was NO major league ready SS in the Padres system, but him. The kid was called up from Low-A ball, for cryin out loud. And when he did get called up, he played like a 10 yr vet.

    Yea, he’s had his injury issues. But I happen to think that his progress would have paid better dividends if he had been given the proper time to develop. The Padres lost patience with him, when they shouldnt have. And Jed Hoyer, to my mind, is to blame for that.

    He was the one that went and got two scrubs in Bartlett/Hudson…and come to find out, Cabby was better than both of those fools.

    So, I think we all owe Cabby an apology. This kid has the best arm in the NL West. Notice, I didnt say he had the best SS arm…or the best arm for a little guy…nor did I say he had a solid arm. I said he has the best arm in the NL West. Better than Troy Tulowitzki’s…better than Headley’s…and better than Adrian’s. The only other guy that came close to him in the arm catagory was Rafael Furcal (who played for LA, when Cabby first came up), and he aint in this division anymore.

    So, lets not throw the kid under the bus, when he goes thru a bad patch this season. And for what its worth, i dont think he was stupid enuf to get caught up in this whole steroids drama.

    No, he aint no angel…and yea, I think he should’ve been slapped in the back of the head for putting his hands on his old lady, but my gut tells me that his agent(s) and the agency that handled his financial affairs, released names associated with them in desperation, and for whatever reason, Cabby’s name was on that documentation with some other guys who probably didnt use PEDs either. I dont think all the names mentioned are guilty, is really what Im sayin.

    Trust me, if the Feds really thought Everth Cabrera and Yaz Grandal had done anything more than they did, I dont think either of them would be playing now. In other words, if Bud Black and Byrnes really believed that Cabby was guilty and was certain to get in further trouble this season, I dont think they would’ve allowed him to play at all this season…not until his issues with this investigation was resolved.

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