San Diego Padres show their Humane Side

The San Diego Padres have been showing their benevolent side this off season via the charity route in which most Padres players have been participating as well. They have been participating in various charitable events and also have shared monetary contributions. The Padres organization have participated in events like the Junior Seau Foundation’s “Shop with a Jock” event, Salvation Army Thanksgiving dinner, the Monarch Schools Crocs Delivery, the NSW Command (SEALS) Family Holiday Party, and Shop with a Cop among many other. Almost every player living in the area has participated in one charitable event this off season. Pitcher Cory Luebke is one particular player who has remained in the San Diego area this off season, and has willingly participated in the Padres’ charitable work. Other Padres’ players involved in charity are Nick Hundley, Will Venable, Nick Vincent, Logan Forsythe and Carlos Quentin. Coach Dave Roberts and former pitcher Trevor Hoffman were also very much a part of the San Diego Padres’ philanthropic works. A lot of sport stars give generously to charity; they do humanitarian work, donate cash to charities and help those less fortunate than themselves. German national football goalkeeper Manuel Neuer likes to give back to his community by means of charity. The Bayern Munich star has started a foundation that helps children and teenagers get opportunities through donations.

Sports stars giving to charity is a very positive trend that we are seeing nowadays. Some of the biggest charity givers out there are very famous athletes, and they use their star power to encourage other people to donate their money and time as well. New and innovative methods of charitable donating have arrived and athletes are trying different ways to raise as much money as they can. One particular method is through celebrity poker tournaments. Poker is a game that has recently gained worldwide attention because of major tournaments shown on television and the introduction of online poker. Among the leaders when it comes to online gaming is Partypoker is one of the leading online poker sites which enjoy a huge player base and a proven track record in online gaming. They are considered to be one of the best online poker sites, and one can easily sign up and join their games online. Partypoker is also known to have sponsored many celebrity poker tournaments which have benefited many charitable institutions. Sports personalities like Spain’s Rafael Nadal, tennis legend Boris Becker of Germany, and baseball great Orel Hershiser are just some of the celebrities who have participated in these tournaments for a good cause.

It is a very encouraging sign that so many athletes are taking part in donating to charities, not only with their money but with their time as well. Retired German tennis star Steffi Graf represents “Children for Tomorrow”, a foundation she started with the aim of providing support for children, families and the victims of war, persecution and organized violence. It is indeed a commendable act by these athletes and the Padres’ organization for the good work they have done on the social front. It is great to see that the players are giving back to the communities that have been supporting them in their professional careers all the way through thick and thin.

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