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Padres Considered Making A Trade That Would Have "Blown The Socks Off"of People

“That said, 10 days ago there was a trade we looked at and if (general manager Josh Byrnes) wanted to do it, it would have blown the socks off people in this room,” Ron Fowler, Padres co-owner said.

This is the eye-popping quote that caught all of my attention when I read Jay Paris’ latest article in the U-T San Diego.

Like most fans, I have been pretty frustrated with how the Padres’ off-season has played out so far. I want the Padres to  make a move, any move really that will upgrade the current roster and make me happy again. There are still some holes to be filled: starting pitching, right field, and relief pitching could all use an upgrade.

Last week, it came out the Padres and Arizona Diamondbacks had at one-point during last season, discussions about a Chase Headley-Justin Upton swat. Then it came out that the Miami Marlins would consider trading Giancarlo Stanton, if the right deal presented itself. This had almost every Friar fan clamoring for the young outfielder.

Even though Padres general manager Josh Byrnes didn’t pull the trigger on a trade that would have “blown the socks off” people, I still would love to know what that trade would have been. Was Upton or Stanton that player that would have “blown the socks off” of us? or was it Justin Verlander or Stephen Strasburg?Either way, a trade didn’t happen so it doesn’t really matter.

I really don’t know how true Fowler’s quote is but if it does have any validity, it is nice to know the Padres would be willing to add payroll for a big named player or even consider trading quality prospects.

I just hope that trade that would have blown our socks off didn’t involve cash-considerations or the famous a player to be named later.



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  • MrWhamBam

    Im not amused, AT ALL….if what Fowler said was true (and at this point, I dont believe a goddamn thing ANYBODY from that front office says), it just adds salt to the wound. As far as Im concerned, he could have kept it to himself.

    bottom line, NOTHING was done,unless you get a boner because they resigned Jason Marquis…

    there are all kinds of things said about how Byrnes should have approached this offseason. But Im gonna say this:

    If a key player gets hurt right out the gate (and its possbile, when you consider the jacked up luck of this franchise), I will NEVER watch or attend another Padres game, ever, because I know that it will cripple this team just like it did last season when Quentin was on the DL two separate times.

    I dont like being teased…I dont like having my chain jerked…I definitely dont like being lied to and deceived…and I dont like being made to look like a jackass.

    I dont think fans are asking too much of the owners or Byrnes…but they make it seem as if we do. But here’s where the rubber meets the road for me: When it comes time for fans to renew season tickets, the front office HAS NO PROBLEM BUGGING THE SHIT OUT OF YOU, ABOUT THAT RENEWAL…they persist until you tell them to leave you alone.

    but God forbid you inquire about why more isnt being done.

    (short story)

    I will never forget a season ticket holder meeting that I went to with my parents and sister. All of us were season ticket holders back in 2005. And Sandy Alderson was the new COO at that time.

    My Dad stood up looking at a panel of front office people (Alderson, Kevin Towers, Cheif Gayton, Grady Fuson and DePodesta, I think)..and he asked them why more had not been done to make the farm system better, and why had Moores not shown an interest in making the team better at the trade deadline, in 2004.

    you would have thought my ol’ man had farted in church. He got the smuggest giggle from Alderson, and a blatant eye roll, from Towers. My Mom noticed and stood up to say this: “how dare you look down your nose at us, when we’re the ones that make sure you get a paycheck! have no right to have a meeting THAT YOU INVITED US TO ATTEND, just to belittle us with these smug remarks and pathetic stares. If my family spends another dime on this team, it will be over my dead corpse!”.

    My Mom had NEVER been that upset outside of her own home. She just didnt like how my Dad was made to look like a jerk at an event that he was invited to.

    A week later, an apology was sent via email to my folks. I still have no idea how they were able to contact them, given how many people were there, and there being no particular seating arrangement. But Kevin Towers did apologize, via email.

    but my parents were so pissed off, they didnt respond to the email. And what do you know, a cupla yrs later, Towers was axed. And I remember watching his press conference the day before Jed Hoyer had his press conference, and thinking that Towers looked shocked because he didnt see his termination coming…he thought his own shit didnt stink.

    so, I know first hand, what goes around, comes back around…

    I will not spend any money on this team, until I see drastic progress that dont have anything to do with moving fences in or extending or signing injury risks or reclamation projects. I see Josh Byrnes acting in a very bullheaded way that looks so much like what we saw with Towers. And last I checked, Josh Byrnes knows a thing or two about being fired. I hope he doesnt think that its beyond the realm of possibility to happen again.

    Im completely over the Padres and all their double talking bullshit.

  • YODA777

    If the Padres had a chance to get Stanton from the Marlins and Byrnes said no, that would be a crying shame. Our farm system could have survived trading Groyko and anyone else to put Stanton in right field. Imagine our lineup over the next two years with Stanton hitting 4th, behind Headley and in front of Quentin? 1. Cabrera – ss 2. Forsythe – 2b 3. Headley – 3b 4. Stanton – rf 5. Quentin – lf 6. Grandal – C 7. Alonzo – 1b 8. Maybin – cf 9. Pitcher. This lineup would definately compete in the playoffs. I would definitely trade Venable, Gyroko, Hedges, and 2 other prospects for Stanton.