Padres Lineup April 11 Vs. D-BACKS 3:35 p.m.

Left-handed pitcher Joe Saunders will take the hill for the D-Backs today, which  means Padres manager, Bud Black will counter with a right-handed heavy line-up. If the rain holds up, this will be the starting 9 for your San Diego Padres.

1. Maybin, C- CF (R)


2. Denorfia, C-RF (R)


3. Headley, C- 3B (S)


4. Guzman, J- LF (R)


5. Hundley, N- C (R)


6. Blanks, K -1B (R)


7. Hudson, O- 2B (S)


8. Parrino, A- SS (S)


9.  Luebke, C- P (R)

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