Padres line-up April 10 vs. D-Backs 7:05 p.m.

With the first series of the season now in the books, the Padres open up a three-game series against the defending N.L. West Champions Arizona Diamondbacks.The Padres are trying to build off the moment from Sunday’s win by putting together a nice little winning streak. Here is how your San Diego Padres stack up tonight against the D-Backs.

1. Maybin, C- CF

2. Venable, W- RF

3. Headley, C- 3B

4. Guzman, J- LF

5. Alonso, Y- 1B

6. Hundley, N- C

7. Hudson, O- 2B

8. Bartlett, J-  SS

9. Volquez, E-P

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