The Quentin Rumors

Ive been trying to hold off, trying to bide my time. I still will, but with all the rumors swirling, I need to comment on the Carlos Quentin trade talks.

Our friends at Southside Showdown were one of the many covering the rumors.  The trade would be complicated and would likely require three teams to pull it off.  The Padres really don’t have any position players of interest to the White Sox, and while the White Sox may be interested in some bullpen help, I’m not sure how inclined Josh Byrnes would be to shop any more of the Padres one bright spot.  It could happen though.

I’ll be covering this topic in much more detail once we reach the outfield portion of the Position Analysis series.  Until then, I’ll leave you with one parting thought: Quentin made a little over $5 million last year.  Are the Padres and their meager payroll really ready to make a one year investment of somewhere around that amount for a player they may or may not be able to re-sign past 2012?

While you patiently wait for my analysis of the outfield and a potential Carlos Quentin trade, feel free to check out the coverage to date:

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For more White Sox coverage, be sure to check out Southside Showdown.

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