Padres New Uniforms Unveiled

The San Diego Padres finally showcased their new uniform and logo designs yesterday afternoon at Petco Park. The “Bring Back the Brown” faction of Pads fans are surely upset about the direction that Tom Garfinkle and company decided to go with these new duds, but to me, this is a stark improvement over the threads the Padres have worn over the past few years.

San Diego finally ditched the awful “sand” uniforms last year, but the awkward font and numbering of the jerseys remained. With this more “classic baseball” look, the Padres have stepped away from the revolutionary and hearkened back to their PCL days by incorporating a piping down the center of the uniforms.

The club will maintain a classic white home uniform with navy blue piping and “Padres” across the chest. The road grays feature the same piping, but with a block “San Diego” on the chest. They will continue to wear the popular camouflage uniforms on occasion and have added a navy blue alternate jersey with a white interlocked “SD” on the left breast that can be worn either at home or on the road.

The biggest improvement to the uniforms is the traditional numbers and block lettering on the back of the uniforms, making it much easier to read the player’s name and uniform number.

Of course, there is a vocal faction of fans that hate the new duds, most notably Kevin Kaduk of Big League Stew. ‘Duk’s take is that the Padres, by making only “slight” alterations to the downright hideous uniforms of the past few years, have done their fans a disservice.

To me, however, these “slight” additions of the piping and more importantly, the bold and traditional lettering and uniform numbers make a huge difference. Full disclosure, though, I grew up a Tigers fan. I like traditional uniforms.

The fans that have been longing for a return to the brown and gold days might be satisfied somewhat that at least the “Swinging Friar” has made a return; appearing as a sleeve patch on the home whites. The Padres logo was also updated to feature Petco Park, along with interlocking “SD” and “established 1969″.

You can watch the video of the unveiling of the uniforms here.

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