What Happened To The 'Pen?

Cincinnati Reds 5 – San Diego Padres 3

We have had a strong bullpen for years and years and years! We still should have a pretty good back of the rotation since we kept Heath Bell and still have some other good players at the back end of it. But this last week has been trouble! We traded Mike Adams and that definitely is a HUGE blow to the pen, but it shouldn’t make this much of an impact. We blew 2 straight games against the Mets in our last series and tonight we start out the series with Josh Spence blowing a 1-run lead in the eight inning to get the loss.

Was Mike Adams that big of an impact and did we trade the wrong player? Losing either of those guys would have weakened the bullpen and some of these pitchers are trying to figure out their new role in the late innings. We could have had a perfect series so far if the pen could have locked down these games.

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