Padres Catch a Small Break with Beckett Scratched From Start

We knew that the game last night could get UGLY. It just exploded in our face and we were blown out of the ballpark. Today is another day though and it already starts with a little bit of good news for us.

Boston Red Sox Ace pitcher Josh Beckett has been scratched from his start today with a stomach illness. Beckett is leading the lead in ERA and just pitched a one-hitter in his last start. The probability of a NO-HITTER was high!

At least we don’t have to face Beckett, but we still have to face the Boston lineup and Adrian Gonzalez. Seeing that we make average pitchers look GREAT, Alfredo Aceves gets the gift of making the spot start against our lineup. Let’s somehow pull this off and end our 6-game slide.

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