Padres have a disappointing home stand... again

The boys had a very disappointing 11-game home stand going 5-6 during it. They faced off against some of the worst competition in the league and were not able to come away with a winning record.

Despite all the hype and excitement from the arrival of Anthony Rizzo, we lost 3 out of 4 games against the Washington Nationals. In the last 3 games of that series, we were only able to score 2 runs total. Yesterday, we were shutout AGAIN for the millionth time this season.

We started out the home stand strong beating the Astros 3 out of 4 times, but we were not able to sustain the momentum. In the middle series against the Rockies, we had the opportunity to climb up the standings to a possible 3rd place spot in the division, and we just let that pass by us.

We have been playing like trash at home and we need to figure it out. The rest of the NL West is giving us a chance to sneak up on them, but we keep sneaking down to the bottom of the league. This stuff has to change! Luckily we are heading back out on the road so that we can put this home stand in the past.

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